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Montala Alviera offers an intimate yet highly interactive neighborhood experience where everyone can enjoy the outdoors through nature-inspired amenities.

Montala Alviera offers a vibrant atmosphere and lifestyle in a setting of timeless and iconic elegance. The beauty with this development is that it brings together residentials, office buildings, and retail shops. The neighborhood is highly interactive and your family will definitely enjoy the outdoors which are nature inspired.

The Clubhouse

Montala Alviera clubhouse has some of the outstanding recreation features which include:

Function Room – With a spacious area dedicated to events and gatherings, this development gives you a facility which you can use for meetings without the need to step out into some costly commercial spaces

Game Room – This section of the clubhouse has a wide array of board and pool games over which you can meet with friends and enjoy some good times.

Lounge Area – If you want to change the environment and work from another space or just relax, the lobby area is a perfect space for this.

Indoor shower facilities

Administration office and a tastefully finished staff area

Security and maintenance details – The safety of Montala Alviera has been given a priority through a 24/7 security monitoring.

Outdoor Amenities

Apart from the clubhouse, there is a vibrant outdoor environment characterized by a wide range of amenities some of which include:

Kids Pool – This facility gives your kids a platform to have quality time with their friends and also a latitude you can exploit to take them through swimming lessons.

Lap Pool – This is an Olympic-like pool dedicated to sports enthusiasts who may want to exercise on a daily basis or do swim laps as they prepare for competitions.

Kids Playground – We all know that kids are very active and they want to run around all the time. Alveo Land captured this during their design of the community development and included a playground for your kids to explore their creativity and make new friends.

Basketball Court – Whether you are a pro or an amateur, this court is for you. Apart from sweating it out with the boys, the basketball court gives you an opportunity to hone your ball game skills and bring out the champion in you.

Fitness Trails – Who said that staying in a community limits your mobility? Alveo Land designed fitness trails where you can walk with your kids in the afternoon as you work out your fitness goals. It is an exciting opportunity to bond with your family.

Meditation Areas – In addition to the indoor lounge in the clubhouse, there is an outdoor version of it which doubles up as a meditation area. If you want to realign your life and think about your life goals, this is a good quiet space.

View Decks – Thanks to the location of Montala Alviera, the view decks give you a sweeping landscape view of the mountain ranges. The design of the decks allows you to see the whole expanse which is mind relaxing.

Picnic Grounds – Catch up with your family during weekends in the picnic grounds. It is not always that you would want to drive to the city because this community has all the facilities to make you relax and enjoy the good times.

Outdoor Amenities 

  • Lap/Lounge Pool
  • Kid’s Pool
  • Pool Deck
  • Outdoor Kid’s Play Area
  • Basketball Court
  • Fitness Trails
  • View Decks
  • Outdoor Lounge/Meditation Areas
  • Picnic Grounds


  • Lobby/Lounge Area
  • Function Room with Pantry
  • Game Room
  • Restrooms and Indoor Shower Facilities
  • Admin Office and Staff Area
  • Security and Maintenance
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